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Mercedestone Company

Мрамор появился еще до человека и на протяжении веков стал немеркнущим выразительным средством в искусстве – искусстве созидать и искусстве жить. Компания MERCEDESTONE создает неповторимые интерпретации этой неразрывной связи. Компания вот уже более 26 лет занимается обработкой мрамора и камня с стремлением к профессиональному росту. История MERCEDESTONE – изначально Industria Alireza Davari Dolatabadi – началась в 1996 году в провинции Исфахана, используя материал из нескольких карьеров в городе Исфахан и в предгорье жёлтый в области Маркази. С самого начала своей деятельности компания уделяла особое внимание технологическим инновациям и исследованиям, прежде всего для обеспечения синергии в области архитектуры и дизайна на международном уровне. Эти два элемента лежат в основе развития, не прекращающегося с 2007 года, которое поначалу обеспечивал Alireza, пока в девяностых годах не была создана компания MERCEDESTONE, и до слияния и образования MDA BUSINESS GROUP в 2019 году. Сегодня MERCEDESTONE одна из ведущих компаний в области добычи, обработки мрамора и натурального камня со всего мира. Факторами, которые сделали компанию MERCEDESTONE ведущей компанией в области обработки мрамора как в Иране, так и за его пределами, являются знания в сфере добычи камня, способность создавать из него блоки, мраморные слэбы и небольшие плитки, мастерство в обработке мрамора и технологии, способные удовлетворить потребности любого дизайнера. Благодаря запасам 200 видов мрамора со всего мира, а также высокомеханизированному производственному процессу, компания MERCEDESTONE способна удовлетворить любые потребности: от продажи блоков и необработанных плит до самой сложной обработки, выполненной согласно индивидуальному проекту.

Mercedestone mission

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It is Mercedestone’s mission to be synonymous with everything stone in this world. It will do so by being as bold and innovative direct to consumers as it has been in the stone industry for the past half decade. Though it has always been Mercedestone’s vision to make fashion an integral part of the stone industry, the time has now come to make stone an integral part of the fashion industry.


PRECIOUS JEWELS FROM THE EARTH’S HEART Competence, experience and technological innovation must be supported by high quality raw materials. For this reason, MERCEDESTONE directly manages marble mines which provide a material with the highest standards. In fact, MERCEDESTONE has always invested not only in the acquisition of new quarries, but also in material extraction technology which guarantees an ever lower environmental impact. Thanks to the expertise and experience of its engineers MERCEDESTONE carefully chooses the marble or the natural stones in worldwide quarries, ensuring to have an exclusive material, essential basis for the quality of semi-finished and finished products.



From the beginning, the story of MERCEDESTONE stands out for important and constant investments in research and technological innovation. Today, against an ever-growing professional path of over 26 years, the company can boast technical and production potentials unique in the world. This important competitive plus, combined with the great ability, passion and experience of the skilled workers employed, has allowed MERCEDESTONE to become a real reference point in the marble and natural stones sector. The man is the real author, the technology is his instrument: they work together in a perfect balance to bring the marble to its maximum expression. Mercedestone has fully succeeded in this aim. And it has gone further, constantly using technology and human creativity to test new processes and innovative forms of treatment which have enriched the materials of novel visual and tactile sensations, conquering new and unexpected areas of use.

Natural stone

Natural stone

Natural stones retain a timeless beauty. Highly sought-after materials from all over the world make rooms special and create a magnificent, stylish feel. A collection of marble, granite, onyx, travertine and limestone that elegantly furnish, with bright or delicate colors and harmonious shades. The value of variety enriches rooms as a result of unique workmanship carried out using innovative technology. For stylish decorating and striking effects


Лет опыта в области архитектуры


Работников и сотрудников, работающих в различных подразделениях


Типов натурального мрамора и камня


Кубических метров ежегодно обрабатываемых натуральных камней


In a demanding and competitive market as the present one, it becomes increasingly important measuring and demonstrating the required standards. Mercedestone is one of the few companies in Iran to put the CE marking on its marble: this certification ensures marble adaptability also to particularly difficult climatic conditions. In compliance with the UNI EN 1341 standard, applied to pedestrian and vehicular slabs, the CE marked marble must undergo the following laboratory tests: ✅Flexing strength (EN 12372) ✅Apparent volume mass (EN 1936) ✅Resistance to freezing and flexing after 48 cycles (EN 12371) ✅Abrasion resistance (EN1341) ✅Water absorption at atmospheric pressure (EN 13755) ✅Open porosity (EN 1936) ✅Slip resistance (EN 14231) ✅Macroscopic rock description (EN 1341) ✅Petrographic analysis (EN 12407) Mercedestone is able to guarantee the quality of its manufactured products, even for any outdoor use. The certified quality of materials is only one aspect of the company policy which has always been marked by a quest for excellence embracing, in particular, the managerial and productive process. The compliance with product and production standards is inspired not only by the highest quality criteria, but also by sustainability, aware that today’s business decisions are crucial to guarantee a better future to everybody. Since 2005, all activities at Margraf, from design to the production of every item, comply with ISO 9001 standards and are certified.
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